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What Are The Fees Associated With Bail?

If you are in a situation where you need to put forth bail, know that the fees associated with your release can vary based on how you choose to put up bail. Here are some of the potential costs you will see.

Court Processing Fees

Whether you decide to pay in cash or go through a bail bonds company, the court will take their processing fees out of the amount held before returning the sum to you. Once your trial is over, you will get back the rest of the money that you put forth as bail.

Bail Bondsman Fees

The bail bondsman will usually take a fee of around ten percent for their services. However, these fees can vary greatly by state. Each state sets their own minimum and maximum amount for bail service fees, so be sure to do your research and check around. If you have any questions about the fees in your state, just ask a local bail bond service, such as A A ABBA Bail Bonds.

Full Bail Amount

Hopefully, you won't have to pay the full amount of your bail to the court. This only happens if you miss a court date or fail to comply with other terms set by your judge. In this case, the entire amount will be forfeited if there was a cash deposit. If you have gone through a bail company, they will be asked to putforth the full amount owed.

Bounty Hunters

And finally, bounty hunters may be needed if you fail to show up in court. They will be paid to track you down and return you to jail. They come with their own set of fees which is often in the range of 10 to 20 percent of the bail costs.

Ways to Keep the Fees Low

You may be looking at this list and wondering how you will come up with the funds to pay off your bail. However, there are a few ways that you can keep your costs low. The first is to shop around and get several quotes for bail bonds companies. Since each company sets their own rate based on different factors, you might see drastic differences in rates if you get several quotes. The other thing that you can do is comply thoroughly with all of your court dates and trial obligations. Set out a calendar and let your,bail bondsman help you remember each step of the way. This will help you to avoid forfeiting your bail or having to pay the costs of a bounty hunter.